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Evenings, nights and weekends at no extra charge. Test everyone on their standard shifts.

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Two audiometry trailers

"On behalf of Contour, may I thank you all at HSMC for making an onerous task less so."
Jenny Nicholls

"Feedback on the audiometry is very positive here at Bristol - particularly complimentary of your expertise and diplomacy".
Andy Evans, H&S Manager,
DS Smith, Bristol

"Thank you for the professional audiometry service you provided.
All our staff found it very informative and the more apprehensive ones complimented you on the relaxed nature of the testing and your expertise".
Sarah Woodward,
HSE Manager, ROM (Crumlin).

Audiometry booth fitted in a mobile unit. Acoustic wall and ceiling linings visible.
audiometry booth

HSMC Audiometry

Mobile Workplace Audiometry

HSMC offer UK-wide workplace audiometry via our purpose-built mobile facilities, each containing a waiting area, air-conditioned testing room and built-in audiometry booth. We are troll-like figures who inhabit the Travelodges and Premier Inns of the UK and work nationally thoughout England, Scotland and Wales. The audiometry screening we do helps clients meet the health screening requirements of the Control of Noise at Work regs.

Mobile purpose-built professional testing
studios or in-room, the choice is yours
Audiometry health questionnaire
Knowledgeable professional in-house staff giving a 24/7 service
Use of both noise reducing
booth and noise-excluding headphones

Modern PC-controlled audiometry
with accurate repeatable results
Detailed audiometry report containing
summary data and individual results
Instant results with fast turn-around time minimising disruption to production
Otoscopic examination of the ear

No audiometry client too large or too small
HSMC work with clients across the UK, ranging from large employers with thousands of people to small joinery and engineering workshops with a handful of people. We provide audiometry for companies with no in-house health and safety or occupational health personnel and to those with in-house staff who need an external service for specific jobs. In these cases were are often used to help process large numbers of audiometry tests leaving the in-house personnel to concentrate just on those who are identified to have an issue requiring follow-up action, saving them a lot of time.An ear, with startlingly ginger hair

We work on whatever shifts are needed to cover your people, covering evenings, nights, continental shifts, weekend staff and anything else. We have some clients with 24 different shift patterns operating at once, an in all cases will arrange the audiometry appointments schedule for you to ensure all shifts are covered.

We do conduct the audiometry anywhere in the UK and in 2014 so far have worked from Inverness to Cornwall, Kent and Norfolk to Pembrokeshire and Belfast.

Two styles of audiometry service
As standard, you tell us how many people need a hearing test and we will draw up a feindishly clever appointments schedule, do the hearing tests, send you the audiometry report and results and then send a reminder when future audiometry is coming due.

Alternatively, for companies with over 500 employees, as above but we can manage all the tests on an annual basis for you, monitoring the referrals and scheduling future hearing tests, keeping you up to date with summary reports. That way you hand over all the brain-ache of actually organising it and being the lovely people that we are we do that all for you. The choice, as Cilla used to say, is yours.

As well as audiometry, (and spirometry) HSMC are noise risk specialists and can offer a range of noise management services including:

  • Noise assessments by Institute of Acoustics-certified technicians including personal monitoring (dosimetry), octave band measurement, hearing protection assessment, noise risk assessment and advice on noise reduction measures.


One of our audiometry units - click to see more photos

We can combine audiometry with spirometry

HSMC's pledge for what we will and will not do

Client Comment on HSMC's audiometry service :
Sam may have spoken to you but I just wanted to add how pleased we were with the excellent audiometry service HSMC provided. The tests were conducted in a way that gave our staff confidence they were being dealt with by a professional. I would also like to say that the attached report provides a very comprehensive level of information for both the company and the staff tested. We will definitely be using HSMC in the future.
CGG Veritas, June 2011

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